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September 22nd, 2024
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Business owners who have a Google My Business account can now sell gift cards directly from their Business Profiles. Because of COVID-19 Google is doing more than most big businesses in the United States to help our economy. In addition to making easy to sell your custom gift cards online you can also accept donations. Because we are Gift Card Suite an offer the best eGift Card Platform online, we will focus on selling eGift Cards.

How to Sell Gift Cards with Google My Business

Step 1. You need to have a Google My Business account.

If You already have a Google My Business account then you can SKIP TO STEP 2.

If You DON'T have one already click this link here and sign up Immediately!

Be sure to come back to this article once your done so you sell gift cards for your business.

Step 2. Sign up with Gift Card Suite

sell egift cards

You need to provide your own gift card link with this unique Google My Business feature. It easy & fast to sign up with Gift Card Suite!

Click the button below to sign up free:

Sign Up Free!

Click the button below to join Premium with a 7 Day Free Trial & a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!>

Sign Up Premium!

Again, make sure to come back to this article once your complete to sell your business gift cards with Google My Business.

Step 3. Select Sell Gift Cards

Select "Sell Gift Cards" and seen in the image below:

select sell gift cards

For those of you who already have a Google My Business account, you most likely received an email with the subject line “Add gift cards and raise funds on your Business Profile.” From there you can find the button to get started selling your business gift cards in the image above.

If you haven’t received that email of can’t find it then you can go into your Google My Business Account, select posts, then in the image seen below select link underlined and in blue reading “COVID 19 Support.”

Let Customers on Google Buy Gift Cards

Step 4. Create Post to Sell Gift Cards

Add in a message as seen in the image below:

Create Post to Sell Gift Cards

The message can be as written as Google suggests which we recommend. Ultimately you just need to make it clear that you are offering Gift Cards for sale online. How you want to pitch that is up to you. Our advice is to keep it short and sweet.

Step 5. Select The Drop Down “Your Gift Card Link”

Find the drop down and select “your gift card link” as seen in the image below:

Gift Card Link

Step 6. Select “Your Business Website”

Select"Your Business Website" from the list of options as seen in the image below:

Your Business Website

Step 7. Add Your Gift Card Shop Link

Add in your Gift Card Shop’s link from your Gift Card Suite account as seen in the image below:

Gift Card Shop Link

Step 8. Click Publish

Simply click the blue button that reads “Publish.”

Publish Your Gift Cards Google My Business Post


This was the final step to selling gift cards with Google My Business!

Why Sell Gift Cards on Googly My Business?

You should sell gift cards on Google My Business is you’re a local or small business because you will have greater exposure to reach more customers to potentially buy you business gift cards.

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