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July 28, 2023
gift cards for business Top 10

Top 10 Benefits of Selling Gift Cards For Business

In 2023, Gift Cards for business are dramatically increasing in popularity.

You want to sell eGift Cards because they are the present & future of gift cards! An eGift Cards also known as virtual gift cards are being sold just as much if not more than old plastic gift cards. eGift Cards have proven to be a dream come true for retailers and business owners. It is more valuable to sell gift cards for your business vs offering coupons because gift cards are perceived as a greater value. Gift cards for businesses are a no brainer.

eGift Cards are a growing phenomenon that is here to stay. eGift Cards are the evolution from the plastic gift card offering a better & eco-friendly gift. eGift Cards are here to stay and flourish if you look at retail sales analytics. Thank you for reading this blog post I wrote. Get excited because we are about to tell you the Top 10 benefits of selling eGift Cards for your business!

1. Generate More Sales

Selling eGift Cards is a proven concept to generate more sales for business. Listen because this is important, you have been leaving money on the table…

Let us tell you why.

Gift Cards have always been a great option to give as a gift. This is why you see them at all of your favorite retail stores. eGift Cards has made a small massage therapy spa owner over twelve thousand dollars within her first year!

If you are not selling gift cards for your business now, you must start selling eGift Cards now. Try with us 7 days free, plus a 90 day money back 100% guaranteed.

2. Gain & Attract New Customers

Your customers buy eGift Cards to give as a gift to another person. The people who receive an eGift Card to your business will use it. In many cases they will come in as new customers. Once they step their feet into your local businesses doors you have just attracted a new customer. This will snow ball and lead to a growing customer base.

3. Boost Brand Recognition

When you start selling eGift Cards you will increase your brand’s awareness. eGift Cards are digital, but customers also can print them out. Then they will put their printed-out eGift Card into their wallet, acting like a pocket-sized billboard. Your brand will be more memorable once you start offering eGift Cards.

4. Sell 24/7/365

Sell eGift Cards even when your business doors are closed. Offering eGift Cards on your website gives customers the opportunity to give you money 24/7/365, anytime and anywhere. Does making money while you sleep sound good? Well that’s what eGift Cards can do for your business. While you are sleeping after a long day of work, a customer may be up late looking to purchase a last-minute gift. How nice would it be to wake up to more money without having to do anything?

5. Improve Customer Retention

eGift Cards will draw in customers to your business to purchase your goods or services. Let’s say they receive a one-hundred-dollar gift card and only spend fifty dollars. You bet they will be coming back to redeem the rest of the value on their eGift Card. In most cases they will want to use the card completely. This often leads to your new customers spending more money in your business then the original value of the gift card!

6. Save & Earn More Money

eGift Cards are superior in comparison to plastic gift cards for many reasons. Number one it cost nothing up front to offer eGift Cards. With plastic gift cards you must spend your hard-earned cash on the physical gift card. Save that money by selling digital gift cards!

You also save money by not having to use FedEx, UPS or any shipping company. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your items getting lost, stolen or damaged in the delivery process. With eGift Cards your delivery method is through e-mail which cost nothing.

7. Customer Convenience

Make it easy for customers to give money to your business. eGift Cards are easy to purchase and make for an effortless shopping experience. The less effort customers have to do, they more they will buy!

As mentioned before gift cards make for an excellent last-minute gift. If you only offer plastic gift cards we have bad news for you. When you close your shop for the day, customers can’t buy your physical gift cards.

On the other hand, if you sell eGift Cards they can easily buy them outside of your hours of operation. Selling eGift Cards is easy for you the business owner and easy for your customers to buy.

8. Boost Seasonal Sales

eGift Cards act as a perfect addition to your seasonal marketing and sales. Simple design or pick designs of the current season or holiday. For example, during Christmas & Hanukkah you can tailor your eGift Card to be themed as such. Relevancy is important in grabbing consumer’s attention. This is one the best ways to make more money for your seasonal sales.

9. Free Advertising

eGift Cards as mentioned in our opening is that they are a growing phenomenon. More and more people are talking about eGift Cards over plastic gift cards. Take in mind the best form of advertising is word of mouth.

People who buy eGift Cards are often the recipients who have never purchased from your business before. You just got paid for someone else to advertise your business. Think about that!

10. Easy & Simple

Setting up an eGift Card shop is so easy to do. If you can set up a Facebook, you can set up an eGift Card shop.

It takes minutes to set up and start selling eGift Cards from your businesses website. If you need any assistance we offer walk through video tutorials on how to set up your eGift Card shop. We also provide phone and chat customer support with a real person from the United States on the other end to help you with any question you may have.

Your Conclusion

As you can see the benefits of selling eGift Cards are amazing. If you are still reading this blog post I want to say two things to you. First, thank you so much your time. It is very much appreciated.

Second, start now! Don’t wait another minute to start selling eGift Cards for your business. You are losing money without a gift card shop. Start making more money now by selling eGift Cards for your business!

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