Gift Card Suite FAQ

Gift Card Suite FAQ

Please Read Our Gift Card Suite Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Card Suite?

  • Gift Card Suite is a gift card sales platform that local businesses to create their own custom gift cards to sell gift cards online instantly to their customers.

How Does Gift Card Suite Work?

See below a list of helpful guides, tips and resources to learning how Gift Card Suite works below.

How Much Does The Premium Plan Cost?

  • Our Premium Plan only costs $19.00 a month & a 2.9% transaction fee.

  • Take note: with the Premium Plan you have the option to have your customer cover the 2.9% fee.

Why Should I Buy The Premium Plan Over The Free Plan?

  • If your business is going to earn around $7,000 or more in one it will end up costing you most money with the Free Plan because of the 8.5% + 30¢ fees per transaction.

Can You Wave The Transaction Fee?

  • You can’t wave the transaction fee with the Free Plan. With the Free Plan you have to pay the 8.5% + 30¢ fee per transaction.

  • Take note with the Premium Plan you have the option to have your customer cover the 2.9% fee.

Do You Have To Pay Anything For The Free Plan?

  • The Free Plan costs 8.5% + 30¢ per transaction.

What Currency does Gift Card Suite accept?

  • Gift Card Suite only works with USD, (United States Dollar) or the official currency of the United States of America. We may offer international forms of currency options in the future but right now we only offer USD.

Does The Gift Card Expire?

  • No, the gift card will never expire just like any other type of gift card.

How Long Does It Take To Sign Up Premium?

  • Signing up with Gift Card Suite is easy & only takes 10 to 15 Minutes.

Who Is Gift Card Suite For?

  • Gift Card Suite is for business owners who want to create their own business gift cards and sell them online.

  • Business owners who understand the value of the eco-friendly products like eGift Cards.

  • Legitimate business owners who are looking to boost their revenue by selling digital gift cards.

  • Local business owners who offer services like restaurants, massage therapy centers, hair salons, dermatologists, hot yoga, wineries and more.

Who Is Gift Card Suite Not For?

  • We are not for people who are looking to sell their plastic gift cards for cash, reseller of plastic gift cards or even electronic gift cards you may already own.

  • We are not for people who don’t understand the concept of our business model and who are technologically incompetent.

  • Customers looking to buy gift cards. If this is you visit this website Buy eGift Cards!

How Do Customers Buy My Business Gift Cards?

  • Customers purchase your business gift cards online from your eGift Card Shop.

How Do Customers Receive My eGift Cards?

  • Your customers will receive the eGift Cards you sell instantly via email.

  • Take note: When a customer buys a gift card most of the time it’s not for them. They buy it as a gift for someone else. The customer who made the order will receive a receipt for their purchase and the eGift Card the recipient will instantly receive it via email.

How Do I Get Paid For Selling My Business eGift Cards?

  • You’re paid through one of our 2 trusted payment processors which are Stripe and PayPal.

  • At Gift Card Suite from our experience and from hearing countless other local business owners stories we highly recommend using Stripe as your payment processor.

How Do I Redeem Customers eGift Cards?

  • Identify the customers unique gift card code and deduct the amount they spend directly from the eGift Card Platform Dashboard.

  • As soon as you sign up either with our Free or Premium Plan you will have access to a Dashboard where you can view all of your Gift Card Sales and Orders.

  • In the Digital New World, it is in incredibly easy to redeem your customers e-gift cards because all you need is your mobile phone, tablet, computer or a laptop with internet access.

Can Customers Print Out Their eGift Cards?

  • Yes, we do offer a printout option for customer use. Although every customer has the ability to redeem their eGift Cards 100% electronically.

  • You may also identity the customers eGift Card through the QR Code they are provided via email when they received their online gift card.

  • *Using any reputable mobile QR Code Scanning App will bring up the customers eGift Card.

Can I Sell Physical Gift Cards From My Store?

  • We don’t promote the selling of physical gift cards because more than 99% of them are manufactured with plastic.

  • You can sell eGift Cards or Electronic Gift Cards in your shop or from anywhere in the United States at any time to your customers.

  • This is a wise investment into your businesses future because with all of the laws banning plastic bags and more soon plastic gift cards will be banned as well.

Can a business owner buy Pre-Paid Gift Cards?

  • This question means you don't understand the concept of Gift Card Suite because our gift card sales platform allows businesses to sell Digital Gift Cards.

  • There is zero inventory for virtual gift cards because they are just that, virtual.

  • Again, the idea of wanting to sell pre-paid gift cards makes no sense because when a eGift Card is purchased using Gift Card Suite it is delievered online electronically instantly to the recipient.

  • If this still dosen't make sense and you insist on need to pre-purchase somethign that dosen't need or make sense to be pre-purchased to sell please don't use our services.

Why Do We Only Sell eGift Cards And Not Plastic Gift Cards?

  • Our company believes in offering an environmentally friendly solution to selling gift cards today.

  • Gift Card Suite's mission is to make it easier and less effort for you sell gift cards for your business.

Should I Stop Selling Plastic Gift Cards For My Business?

  • Yes, you should stop selling plastic gift cards because it cost more money, it’s less convenient plus its bad for the environment.

  • As far as your passion for going green goes doesn’t matter because in the end it’s the customers opinion who matters. With all signs pointing to a bipartisan support of going green customers will be less likely to buy from a business that is not selling eGift Cards.

Should I Start Selling eGift Cards?

  • Yes, you should start selling eGift Cards for your business. There are so many reasons why you need begin transitioning away from old plastic gift cards and move towards selling eGift Cards we have created entire blog posts dedicated to this topic.

Published 2020

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