Top 10 Strategies to boost sales on your local business's website!

Top 10 Strategies to boost sales on your local business's website!

Last Updated on April, 5th 2018 By Dan James

If you own a local business, small business, brick and mortar and you have or want a website, this blog post is for YOU!

You sell at your shop but if you’re not also selling on your website, you're losing out on opportunities to increase sales! If you are still reading this, thank you!

As we are about to dispense the top ten BEST strategies to boost sales on your local business's website!

Lets get started!

1. Google Ad Sense

google adsense

Google Ad Sense is the quickest and easiest way for you to make extra money on your website. Simply sign up Google Ad Sense then you will grab a code and paste into your site's coding. This will display an advert controlled by google on your site. You could gain pennies, dollars to thousands. All depends on how much traffic your website gets.

2. Sell eGiftcards Online

egift cards

This is the BEST way to simply make more money for your local business's website. It's a no brainer. Create an account on and create your eGiftcards to sell. This will allow you to make money 24/7 – 365 as people can buy at any time. Plus you won’t have to pay up front for costly plastic cards. Gift Card Suite has proven to generate more revenue for local businesses. In addition to increasing sales, you will also gain new customers. ????

3. Affiliate Marketing

amazon affiliate

Depending on your industry you can feature affiliate links on your website and receive a commission on each sale. The most crucial factor for affiliate marketing is to make sure that the products are relevant to your business. There is a vast variety of affiliate marketing platforms. The one we recommend is amazon affiliates, because they literally sell everything. Plus they make it is easy to copy and paste the code onto your website. Which links to amazon, where you receive a commission when a sale is made.

4. Offer Coupons

digital coupons

A lot of people will decide to buy on price! Some people will even buy something they are not even interested in, just because the deal is too good to resist. With your on-site coupons you can persuade customers to come in and buy!

5. Email Marketing

mail chimp

Create and place an email list sign up form onto your website. We recommend because its very user friendly. You can get people to join by saying “receive coupons, discounts, to free bees.” Once you grow a good email list following, begin to send out email blasts directly to your email subscribers list. In the email you can offer digital promotions that will lead to sales!

6. Sell a subscription

subscription online

Selling online subscriptions are excellent if you want to create a re-occurring income stream to your website. The subscription must be relevant to your industry or it will fall flat. Make it compelling and valuable. You can have them pay weekly, monthly to quarterly. A few great ideas on what they would subscribe for could be e-Books, physical goods, deals, premium content and more!

7. Offer a Membership Program

rewards program icon

By creating a membership program for your customers, not only do you make them feel more special but you create customer loyalty. The membership program could offer discounts or be reward based. A few good examples of businesses that use this are Speedway, Barnes and Nobles and Starbucks.

8. Sell Sponsored Ad Space

sell sponsored ads

If you own a local business, an Industry related business will want to buy sponsored ad space on your website. This time you get to set the price and decide where you want the ad to be placed. Make it easy for them to contact you either through email or phone. The more traffic you receive, the more you can charge. ;)

9. Sell Physical Products

sell t shirts online

Sell products related to your local business's website. There are many ways you can go about this. First way is to go to a site like and have them make the product for you but you won’t receive the lion share of the profit. The better way is to find a brand re-labeling company and sell what’s related to your industry. You can buy an e-commerce platform like to sell your products, you can sell them on, or but they will be re-directed off your site which hurts your bounce rate. The ideal way is to have your site custom coded by a professional and to build out an online shop tailored to your needs. We highly recommend for creating the best web design & e-commerce sites.

10. Sell Digital Goods

digital goods

The good thing about digital products is you can sell as many as you like, and only create it once. Some ideas could be eBooks, Tutorials and 2nd on our list eGift Cards. This is great because there’s no worry of shipping and you can sell while you sleep.

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