List of Top 10 Types of Local Businesses

List of Top 10 Types of Local Businesses

Updated 2020

Let me guess, you're here because you own a Local Business, work for a Local Business or you are looking to own one?

If this does not describe you then this post is not for you. If you are saying to yourself yes then this post is just for you.

Imagine starting a business, but due note it is not an easy task. Speaking from my own personal experience, there is so much at stake when you are ready to take the plunge & making an investment. As a matter of fact, there is no such safe formula to start a business in a risk-free manner. I believe, it all comes down to your hard work, dedication, and making the right use of the opportunities that come your way. Plus it helps to know how to get positive Yelp reviews.

However, there are certain business lines that guarantee reduced risk ratio. This entire list of small businesses are perfect for selling eGift Cards.

Let’s have a look at these 10 types of local businesses, which are pretty common yet profitable in the United States.

1. Restaurants


There is no denying the fact that Americans love to eat. You can easily find a restaurant in almost every corner of the country. The investment and the business model of starting a restaurant depends on numerous factors. People from all walks of life are potential customers to your restaurant. Restaurant Gift Cards are a proven money maker. Therefore, in my opinion, it depends on the personality of you, the restaurant owner & how you will turn potential customers into permanents ones to increase revenue to your restaurant.

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2. Massage Therapy Spas

massage therapy spa

Massage therapy spas is another common local business type that is helping people make more money. Again the investment required and the profit potential depends on the features that you, the owner intends to offer and the location of the spa. Potential customers of your massage therapy spas usually include regular job doers, who need to unwind after their tough day at work.

3. Toy Shops

toy shops

Parents of little kids are usually the customer a toy shop owner intends to target. I believe this type of small business strives on glitz and glamor that attracts little ones rather than heavy investments. Colorful and vibrant looking toys on display can do the trick of generating children’s interest. This is an excellent choice if you’re a little kid on the inside.

4. Cafe/Coffee Spot

coffee shops

A café/coffee spot at an ideal location can prove to be a money-spinning business option. You should ask every young gun out there about their favorite hangout spot, the most common response you are going to get is a café/coffee spot, apart from bars of course. Similar to the restaurant business, the success ratio of this small business model also depends on how you the business owner brings their own flavor to the coffee shop to give it a different taste among the rest of coffee spots. The best part of owning a coffee shop is that caffeine is addictive. So if you deliver great service & quality you will gain loyal customers.

5. Fashion Boutique/Clothing Store

clothing store owners

This one is for those who have a creative side to them. Would this be you? It is not necessary for you to design your own clothes to run a fashion boutique. You the business owner of your clothing store also need to have a creative eye to select the best designs from different brands/designers and put them on sale in your stores. When it comes to investment, I believe, the more you are investing in a fashion boutique, the more there are chances you will increase revenue.

6. Comic Book/Novelty Store

comic book shops

A comic book and/or novelty store is another common local business in the US that has the potential for you the business owners to earn more money through it. I personally, have visited numerous stores and the major point of attraction was the selection of products. If you are an owner of a comic book shop, the mantra to success is to keep a tab on latest popular comic book stories. Also taking part in “Free Comic Book Day” is a sure fire way to main a fortune and gain new customers at the same time. Want to learn how to make more money with your comic book store?

7. Hair/Nail Salons

hair  salon owner and nail salon owner

Many girls & women love to pamper themselves with a manicure/pedicure session after a hectic week. Hence, opening a hair/nail salon is another option if you are looking for a business startup idea. Your main investment in such a business is to the art of satisfying your clients with the skills. The environment of the salon also makes for a vital aspect of its success.

8. Pet Shops

pet stores

If you love pet animals, then there can be no better option for you than to open up a pet shop and start earning more money. However, your love for pets is not going to be only driving factors for its success. This business model requires ample knowledge about different breeds of animals and their distinct feature and qualities etc.

9. Bakeries

bakery owner

A common question that I often get to hear if I ever suggest opening a bakery to someone is that “there are numerous bakeries in my neighborhood, why will my bakery stand out among the lot?” The answer lies in quality. Focus on quality of products and customers will start pouring in. This means you can focus on fudge, cakes, cookies and more.

10. Gift Shops

gift shop

For gift shop owners, the variety they keep in their shop forms a vital aspect of their success and profitability. If you are gift shop owners, make sure you are keeping gift items considering all age groups to attract maximum customers.

egift card

No matter which business you are running, advertisement and promotion play a vital part in its success. For this purpose, opt for eGift Cards by Giftcard Suite and keep your customers coming back to you.

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