How a Local Business made $12,000 Extra with Passive Income

August 15, 2023
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How a Local Business Made Passive Income

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Hello my name is Daniel, the owner of Gift Card Suite.

I will tell you exactly how a small local business made $12 Thousand Dollars Extra without effort, in only ONE year!

Enjoy the story!

With our Long Island web design company Imagi Digital We met a client who owned a local business that offered massage therapy & wellness. She is an amazing women and still a customer of ours to this day!

She requested for the ability to sell gift cards on her website. So we got to work and created a custom eGift card platform for her website.

Passive Income with eGift Cards


In her first year... she made over $12,000 dollars by selling gift cards online!

It worked so well and it was very unexpected. This local business owner would not have made that $12,000 dollars without implementing eGift Cards to her website. This allowed her to sell gift cards anytime, anywhere and with no limits. Being that it's a gift card, take in mind how many NEW customers she gained as well!


The Local Business owner made $12k and gained new customers all because she sold small business gift cards on her website.

It's very simple...

  1. A customer purchases your gift cards online.
  2. You instantly get paid without lifting a finger.
  3. The Virtual Gift Card is emailed to you and who its for, which may be a friend, family member, co-worker, significant other or to anyone you want.
  4. They walk into your store and effortlessly redeem it.
  5. Your local business increases revenue and gains new customers.

Are you starting to think?

"I need to start selling gift cards on my local business's website."

The answer is obviously yes. why would you say no 12 thousand dollars if not more, plus generating more customers. It would be crazy to not take advantage of this easy to use and very profitable passive income platform. Take in mind she owned a niche luxury local business, in a small neighborhood and it still earned a substantial income boost. Imagine what you could earn with your local business?


Giftcard Suite is a re-creation of the eGift Card platform we made our valued client. PLUS: We made it more user friendly, added in new features, and over all better! Plus anyone with a local business can easily join FREE and start selling eGift cards online today!

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